Work from Home Approval Letter Template

You can inform that you have granted permission to the employee requested by him to work from home. You will be assured about providing the technical support which would be necessary for the work.

You need to further commit to writing about providing a healthy working environment and support of the employees in the virtual. This will increase the confidence level of the employee which he would be actually looking for. He is expected to follow the terms and conditions. 

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the Company]

[Name of the Sender]

[Title of the Job]

[Address, Zip Code]





[Name of the Recipient]

[Title of the Job]

[Address, Zip Code]

Sub- Approval for Work from Home.

Dear [Name of the Recipient],

This is to let you know that we have received your application requesting us to enable you to work from home. We have undergone the scopes, risks associated with it, and we concluded granting permission and access for you to work from home. You will be provided with the required access and technical support as follows.

[List of Technical Details]

I would like to stress the fact that, providing a good working environment as well as supporting employees to maintain their work-life balance is one of our company’s top priorities to maintain optimum productivity.

While approving the permission to work from home, I also expect you to be aware of the risk associated with it and abide by the company policies and regulations, by maintaining an appropriate level of confidentiality as per your job role.


[Name Of The sender]

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