Driving License Approval Letter Template

You are satisfied with the candidate’s application for a driving license and so you will be sharing the confirmation of approval. You will mention the date he had applied and justify how he qualifies as per the age and other documents.

You can also mention that you have verified the documents and once again confirm the approval. You need to also mention the amount that he has paid to acquire the driving license and also confirm about passing the written test. 

Letter Template: 1





Addressee name:


Subject: Approval letter for driving license

Dear (sir/madam)

Your request for driving license is approved by us. We went through the application form that you made on (date). Your age is also right to get a driving license.

The documents received from you are as follows:

1) ABC

2) XYZ

3) PQR

4) MNO

5) RST

We have verified all the documents, and you are eligible for getting a driving license. You have already paid the processing fees i.e. amount (mention) and the rest of the fees i.e. amount (mention) will be taken from you later. 

You have also passed the written test regarding the rules and regulations of traffic, and that describes your thorough knowledge of traffic. You have already shown your skills by passing the practical test also.

These show how expert you are in driving as well as parking. You also have excellent knowledge to control a vehicle. We have tested your vision also and no issue has been found in it. 

As you have passed all the criteria for getting a driving license, so, your request is granted. Wishing you all the best and a safe drive, save a life. 

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

driving license approval letter

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