Dissertation Approval letter Template

You can mention the name of the topic submitted by the candidate which you have agreed to approve. You will be confirming about verifying the topic in detail and that is free from plagiarism.

You can appreciate the candidate for his extent of research through magazines, review articles, papers, and journals. You can discuss how the title and the introductory part of the topic is impressive enough to increase the number of readers. You can appreciate the conclusion also.

Letter Template: 1



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Recipient name

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Subject: Approval letter for dissertation

Dear (student name)

I have received your dissertation entitled (name of the topic) and it is approved by us. 

I went through your dissertation which is unique and plagiarism free. It shows immense creativity skills throughout the dissertation. It clearly shows that you went through a lot of research papers, review articles, magazines, and journals. 

The title of the dissertation tells us the topic and attracts us to know more about this. All the paragraphs are described clearly and readers will be able to read the dissertation without any difficulty. The introduction part will easily catch the reader’s eyes. I am particularly impressed with your original ideas, applying sound research, and practical design. Your dissertation is logical and rational, accurate neither too large nor too short and the presentation is beyond my imagination.

I was spell-bound by seeing your interpretation part which shows your boundless knowledge about this topic and the conclusion part tells us the importance of this study. The clear diagram, table, and pictures are giving more weight to your dissertation. 

You have maintained all the criteria for writing a perfect dissertation. 


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