Advertisement Approval Letter Template

Applying this letter structure, you can professionally confirm the approval for the advertisement. You can mention how it will make a positive impact on your business. You can mention how you feel about the overall content of the advertisement.

As you can write that you do not see any defect and so will be confirming the payment for the advertisement.  You can appreciate about the headlines and images used in the advertisement are catchy enough to impress the audience.

Letter Template: 1



Job position:

Organization name:

Address of the organization:


Name of addressee: 


Subject: Approval Letter for Advertisement

Dear Sir/Madam

Your request for approving the advertisement is approved by us. I have checked your advertisement, which you proposed earlier. The advertisement will be a great deal for us.

After examining your advertisement, we found no defects. Everything is okay. As per the deal, you will get the money (amount) from our company. I am pleased with this type of advertisement that is really very attractive. 

It has such conviction power and it is also very suggestive. The language used in this advertisement is very simple and people can easily access it. The unique headline of this advertisement will easily catch the public’s eye.

It is just mind-blowing. The picture and sketches which you used will be greatly helpful in explaining the advertisement. Through this advertisement, the message you want to share is very catchy.

The advertisement is going to be telecast on the upcoming (date). Let’s see if your advertisement’s marketing performance. I hope it will be capable of holding the public’s attention. The advertisement has truthfulness and I think from this advertisement people can learn something. 

Thank you very much.


Name and signature

advertisement approval letter

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