Appraisal Letter to Make-Up Artist

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Subject: Appraisal Report to Makeup Artist.

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee],

You have added value to [mention the name of the salon and spa] with your amazing artistry skills. We are extremely pleased with your service as the Makeup Artist.

You have been working since [mention the number of months] [and have been a big support for the veteran makeup artists of our organization.

Your make-up skills have been able to draw clients to our salon in huge numbers. We do appreciate also your ability to understand the clients’ needs and fulfill them accordingly.

Since you are a talented and intelligent Makeup Artist, we would definitely want you to achieve more in the shortest period of time. 

We do understand that initially, you do face a lot of challenges from colleagues, seniors, and even the clients to learn the proper way of performing makeup.

But we had complete faith in you as you were very patient, keen to learn, and had extremely good communication skills.

Your polite nature has helped you to stick to this profession and become an expert in traditional and airbrush make-ups.

You have also proved your skills in providing eyelash extension and facial treatment services. We can simply understand that any event cannot go without your make-up touch.

We had a small set of businesses and we just could offer limited services to only residential clients pertaining to only haircuts and simple makeup for any party.

But within a period of [mention the number of years], since the time you had joined our salon business, we got bigger assignments.

You showed the best of your ability as a Makeup Artist in the last Fashion event held on [mention the month date year].

You simply started the event by applying appropriate make-up as per the dresses they wore and the characters that they had to portray. We remember that you were awarded for your performance and we take pride in it.

We have noticed how you manage to hide the flaws of the skin and make the person look the best. It does prove your incredible artistry skills. As per our yearly analysis, we found you to be a highly talented Makeup Artist.

There is no drawback in you. Except, try to be a little regular and be on time. Last month, you were late for consecutively 3 days. This is not acceptable. 

Wish you all the best in your career as Make-up Artist, keep upgrading and be on time.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

[Mention the name of the sender].


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