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Subject: An Assessment Letter for your conduct as Butler

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee],

We have reviewed your service in the position of a Butler in {mention the name of the hotel] since the date of joining and found you highly skilled, productive, and multitasking.

The kind of image that you have built for yourself in this hotel industry has made everyone rely on you.

Simply, you are the gem among the team members who are ready to serve the guests or customers with a cheerful and pleasant attitude.

We had checked your profile on the first day of the interview that you did not have any degree or diploma from the hotel industry but you were surprised with your innate customer handling skills.

Nothing can really stop you from progressing and achieving success in the hotel industry if you maintain dedication and sincerity towards your work in the same way that you are doing right now. 

We have a list of clients who repeatedly reach back to us for the quality of services they get from us. It is because they keep looking for you.

They know that when they will come to [Mention the name of the hotel], they will be well greeted and given services of five-star quality by you.

With your excellent time management skills, you arrange cleaning of the room, organize bed sheets, toiletries and serve food freshly cooked. We have also noted that you have a strong sense to anticipate the needs of the guests.

You are simply an expert in analyzing their tastes and preferences and serving the foods and drinks accordingly. 

We have a limited seating capacity for the guests in the restaurant section. You always make sure that every guest gets seated comfortably.

The clients always appreciate your wonderful way of organizing tables and chairs for their guests during New Year Parties, Wedding Parties, or any corporate event. Your work ethics are simply incomparable.

You are always punctual and have been able to successfully build a good rapport with chefs and other butlers in the team. 

It is worth appreciating that even after a hard day toiling as a Butler; you manage to look fresh and well-groomed.

You also have concern for hygiene and safety. You are simply the star of the team and exceeded the expectations in justifying your position as Butler. This is how we have assessed you on this yearly term.

We do hope that you will perform better and enhance the brand value of [Mention the name of the hotel].

Sincerely Yours,

Thanking you,

[Mention the name of the sender].


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