Appraisal Letter to Barback

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Subject: A Note of Estimation on Yearly Performance to Barback

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee],

Your service in the position of Barback in [Mention the name of the hotel/Restaurant/Resort] for a period [mention the number of years or months] have been able to make the bar business flourish at greater heights.

The job of a Barback is not that easy that every person can do.

One needs to support the bartender in dealing with the best possible wine serving capacity in order to satisfy the client.

You are a talented resource for our business that the management could identify on the first day of the interview. Over the years/months, you have proved yourself in this responsible position with your quick learning and multitasking ability.

We have observed your quality of service is of the 5-star levels and that has raised the customers ‘satisfaction and boosted revenue generation for our business.

We found you knowledgeable and understand customers’ needs and accordingly stock beer, wine, whiskey, and other forms of liquor and juice.

You always take care that nothing goes short in fulfilling the requirements. You always have done your duty sportingly and with quick availability of extra services like cutting and garnishing fruits along with drinks.  

You always make sure that nothing goes out of stock during the parties or events held by the clients in [Mention the name of the hotel/Restaurant/Resort]. We also found out about your unique way of organizing things, especially the wine glasses.

We saw that you are quite careful about these expensive glasses. Your quality of cleaning and keeping the glasses in the right order is worth praising. You also make sure that not a single glass is broken. 

Your pleasing and smiling nature shows up on your face and you have a unique dressing sense. We remember how you had taken the initiative to manage the orders of the client during the absenteeism of the bartender. You never seem to get tired.

In accordance with the yearly appraisal, you are consistently proving yourself as a future Bartender.

We would be proud to have you in that position. 

So, keep improving your skills in this profession and excel.

We do pray the best of luck for you!

With Warm Regards,

Thanking you,

[Mention the name of the sender].


Company’s Name,

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