Administrative Officer Appraisal Letter Template

Any company or organization must have to need some appraisal letter to praise them for their work and to appreciate their dedication towards the company. Now here we are going to cover some sample letters regarding an appraisal letter for the post of an administrative officer.

Here we have included all points with a proper format and also with some effective words. Now if you want you can easily take help from our below sample letters to complete your letter in a proper format.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the Address of the sender]

[Mention the contact information of the sender]


[Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of Appraisal to The Administrative Officer

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient]

We are very glad to issue you the letter of appraisal for the term of [mention the term]. We would like to inform you through this letter that the management team has praised your work that you have shown the company in the last-mentioned term of [mention the term]. We are very happy about your achievement and contribution to the company. 

We all know that the company has been hit by a bad time in the market, and you have never given up on the company, even you have worked harder in each passing day. We appreciate your patience and congratulate you for such god-gifted abilities.

Your determination has contributed well to the company and the company feels pleasured to have such hard-working employees in the team. With the [mention the achievement], we will surely be able to earn more and more achievements for the company in the future. 

We hope that you would continue to have a brave heart in facing challenges for the well-being of the company in the coming year. The company and its management team are very happy to announce that based upon your performances, the incentives for the year [mention the year]. 

We congratulate you on earning this reward and wish you good luck and prosperity. We also hope that you would improve your computing skills a bit to get yourself updated with the company’s new policies.

Thank you so much.

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Notary or witness if required].

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