Senior Web Developer Appraisal Letter Templates

Recognizing the user and system requirements for new applications and websites is the main job of a senior web developer but to achieve the best in this role, such an individual needs to brainstorm ideas and have active listening skills.

If you intend to frame a great appraisal letter for such an efficient individual working for you then make sure to go through this useful sample letter of mine as referring to it you will be able to write yours with perfection.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the full name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the phone number of the sender]

[Mention the relevant date]

Subject – Appraisal of Your Performance as A Senior Web Developer

Dear [Mention the full name of the recipient],

Your appointment as a senior web developer in the company has created a lot of value for the company.

You have a positive work ethic and we hope that you will carry on with the same attitude during your entire tenure with the company.

We are pleased that a person like yourself with such an interest in your career and one who is trying to forge a successful career path for himself is an employee with the company.

The projects that you have created as your work has resulted in different processes within the business being vastly improved with their effectiveness and efficiency being vaguely comparable to their previous level.

The websites that have been made by you are extremely powerful which enables the entire staff of the company to keep doing their work without the burden of dealing with the question of the capability of the software in consideration.

However, your meticulous approach to your job and exemplary mindset has ensured that even other people in the staff have also started to react to the creative talent of your professional work which is fairly clear to the naked eye.

Further, the quality of service provided by the company and its business has also significantly benefitted from your approach to work.

We wish that you keep growing and developing yourself further.


[Mention the full name of the sender]

[Mention the full name of the company of the sender]

senior web developer appraisal letter

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Template: 2

A Web designer is expected to design websites and various apps with his or her technical bent of mind, and logical and analytical skills. Using this letter template, you can appreciate the web designer for revealing his talent and creativity in designing unique kinds of websites.

You must praise them for their contribution that has led to the client’s satisfaction. It is because he has always worked in a customized way. In this way, he has helped the firm to gain profits. 

Web Designer Appraisal Letter

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the name of the company of the sender]

[Mention the address]

[Mention the zip code]

[Mention the area]

[Mention the phone number]

[Mention the date]

Subject: Appraising Your Performance as A Web Designer

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

We are glad that you have been working with [mention the name of the corporation] for the last [mention the no. of years].

You are a smart, talented, knowledgeable, and sincere person who knows how to do his job well and deliver quality performances every time. You have been making us proud with your remarkable sense of work ethic ever since your first day.

Your meticulous attention to detail, good creative sense, ability to imagine beyond the ordinary, technical ability as well as excellent IT skills are praised by one and all.

Your skills have not only gained attention from the clients but have also been looked upon by your other team members. Your basic knowledge of certain important software such as Adobe Photoshop, and WordPress has been a plus for us.

You might not have any inkling about this but we are well aware and have always noted your attainments including designing personalized websites for fresh, existing, and senior-level clients, modifying and making changes according to the client’s requirements, checking for any kind of errors and debugging websites, making a responsive website.

We would particularly like to commend you for taking the initiative and creating the first few pages of a website to serve as a demo to the clients and take their approval first before starting with the project.

This work technique of yours was later followed by your team members. You are indeed a valuable addition to the company. We would just like to ask you to improve your verbal communication a bit more as we know that you have the ability to reach higher levels once you cross this little hurdle.

We wish you the best and hope you continue to work with us and deliver even greater performances in the future.


[Mention the name of the sender]

senior web developer appraisal letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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