Production Artist Appraisal Letter Template

The main job role of a production artist is to assist the design team in packaging, advertising, producing print, and along with that also in digital graphics and point of purchase.

But functioning in this role, such a person needs to be talented and knowledgeable in order to be truly successful.

If you are thinking of composing a nice appraisal letter for such a capable individual working for you then make sure that you have a look at this effective sample letter of mine as going through it you will be able to write yours smoothly.

Letter Template: 1

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Subject –appraisal of Your Performance as A Production Artist

Dear [Mention the full name of the recipient],

You have performed extremely well ever since your recruitment at the position of a production artist at the company and have ensured that the company is not suffering due to any type of issue.

Your willingness to work extra hours to complete your work has ensured that the company has been able to maintain its reputation as a credible presence in the industry. Your work ethic and performance have rubbed off on other employees of the company and resulted in creating an environment that fosters growth and development.

You have always taken the initiative while finalizing a particular design and brought together the designers and the art directors to ensure that there is no issue in the final design and the work is not started haphazardly resulting in loss of important resources of the company.

As a result of your continuous push to achieve perfection in your job, the company has been able to diverge its business into newer pastures and increase its foothold in the industry to become a major player with substantive capability.

We wish that you keep developing yourself with the creative freedom that you require as we fully support you in your endeavors to ensure better execution of the designs.


[Mention the full name of the sender]

[Mention the full name of the company of the sender]

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