Appraisal Letter for Plumber

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Subject: Estimating your performance as a Plumber

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee],

We recruited you as a plumber and you joined the service on [mention month date yyyy]. It has been a pleasing experience to work with you since [Mention the number of years or months].

With high-quality plumbing work, you have simply made [Mention the name of the company or organization] proud and trust you.

Though the progress was a little slow in the early stage you had shown your tenacity in rapidly picking up the plumbing skills and delivering the results in no time delay.

We want you to keep this pace and update your plumbing abilities and progress to the next level.

In the initial stage, it may have been a bit struggle for you to find a client for specific plumbing work. You had a hard time fixing the problem of the tap in one of the client’s residential places. But you had finally made it at the end of the day.

After that, there was no looking back. You got confident day by day with miscellaneous plumbing works in residential and commercial areas.

You have been known for your quick service in repairing the pipes, tubes and also restoring the water supply systems. We do have maintained every record of your successful plumbing experience. 

We have been receiving appreciation from various clients you have associated with related to the plumbing job.

They praise how quickly you fix the tap and other plumbing issues without wasting any time. You have always maintained your punctuality in reaching the clients’ places.

We also checked that over the period of working for [mention the number of months or years]; you have been able to develop excellent communication skills.

This quality of yours gives pleasure to the client to talk to you. We are hoping that this excellent quality of yours and your confidence in your profession will help to get more clients. 

As per our assessment, you are really doing justice to your plumbing profession and so to our business by enhancing goodwill.

 We are certain that you will progress in your plumbing profession and train and manage a team one day.

We wish you success in your career path!

Thanks and Regards,

[Mention the name of the sender].


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