Appraisal Letter For Nonprofit CFO

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Subject: Appraising your performance as a Nonprofit CFO

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

We are delighted to have you working for us [mention the name of the company or organization] since the last [mention no. of years]. A reliable, skilled, knowledgeable person who knows his job well is a valuable addition to us.

We are very happy to have you in the team. We found you to be highly ethical with a high level of integrity, self-motivated, dependable, and detail-oriented.

Your excellent knowledge of risk management, data analysis, and forecasting methods along with expertise in MS excel, solid accounting, and analytical skills are commendable.

Your genuine interest in our mission and ability to explain the financial terms in simple language has indeed been a great help to us. You should be given credit for how we could always rely on you and achieved successful results, all thanks to you.

We appreciate how you have always given your best in fulfilling the duties like overseeing finance, budgeting, cash flow, and accounting which has, in turn, made significant contributions in yielding greater success.

Your extreme focus on structuring finances and maximizing funding, risk management, investments, and financial reporting helps in making a significant difference in the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission and continue to provide services and thrive in the future.

Other achievements like your ability to interface easily with staff and executive management personnel are noteworthy, your in-depth knowledge of risk management methods played a great role in the successful fulfillment of tasks such as preparing and reviewing budgets, cash flow planning, and tracking operational metrics. Working with you closely has always been beneficial for us.

It is an honor to have you in the same organization as you are playing an extremely important role in contributing to the future viability of the organization and its ability to accomplish its mission.

We hope you continue to be with us for a very long time as we wish the best for greater success ahead.


[Mention the name of the sender]

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