Maintenance Mechanic Appraisal Letter Template

You’ll utilize this letter layout for the appraisal of a Maintenance Mechanic of a given company. You’ll be able to teach your representative around their Excellency in their field utilizing this letter. This will help you in persuading the Upkeep Workman staff and inducing other workers to put in additional exertion within the future.

The names of the Maintenance Mechanic faculty ought to be written down. The reason for getting the Appraisal Letter ought to be expressed legitimately within the letter so that the representatives get it. This letter ought to include the date of assembly.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the name of the company of the sender]

[Mention the address]

[Mention the zip code]

[Mention the area]

[Mention the phone number]

[Mention the date]

Subject: Appraising your performance as a Maintenance Mechanic

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

We want to let you know that you have always been considered as a true member of [mention the name of the organization] ever since the last [mention the no. of years].

You have been performing to the best of your abilities and have never given us a chance to complain. We are happy to get a sincere, responsible, and able person like you.

Your attention to detail, excellent verbal and written communication skills, proactive and basic IT skills along with good time management and team working skills have always

made you worthy and best suited for this role and we are delighted to have you with us since the beginning.

Each and every accomplishment of yours have been acknowledged and well noted by us like proposing the plan and developing a timeline to revise and reorganize standard operating procedures in compliance with the regulations of the industry, reducing safety

hazards and increasing team efficiency, exercising critical thinking skills when troubleshooting, inspecting, and diagnosing equipment and instrumentation.

You deserve a special mention for devising a paperless system to maintain detailed data logs, enabling the team to quickly refer to integral information related to service logs.

Before the final evaluation takes place, you just need to improve your basic written communication skills a bit more, taking care of which we know you will be able to achieve greater targets here in our company.

Please keep up the good work as we hope to continue working with you for a long time.


[Mention the name of the sender]

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