Illustrator Appraisal Letter Template

Working on commercial briefs to inform, persuade or entertain a client’s audience, adjusting the style and mood of the images correctly is what is the basic job role of an illustrator.

But in order to do really well in this position, such an individual is required to have a thorough knowledge of this field.

If you intend to write a great appraisal letter for such a skillful person working for you then make sure to go through this sample letter written here as having a look at it you will be able to frame yours with ease.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the full name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the phone number of the sender]

[Mention the relevant date]

Subject –Appraisal of your performance as an Illustrator

Dear [Mention the full name of the recipient],

Your appointment as an Illustrator in the company has resulted in drastic improvements in the presentation of straightforward texts that have been created by the company.

Your visual representation has been so well received by the customers that the visit to the company’s official website has increased ten folds and allowed the company to generate more revenue and put more emphasis on the visual representation of the already beautiful texts written by its writers.

Your meticulous approach to your work has made the entire visual representation section more desirable among the visitors which has resulted in more revenue being put in the section.

We hope that you will continue to keep making these amazing visual interpretations of the texts and keep developing and improving on the job.

You have behaved in the company office in a very professional manner and never disrespected any colleague of yours. This has contributed to creating a working environment wherein everyone is accepted for who they are and not discriminated against because of any prejudice.

We hope that you will keep pushing yourself at the professional level and be ideal for other employees at the organization and never give up on your work.

We wish that your conduct serves as an ideal for other people at the company to follow and this result in creating an environment where there is growth and development for everyone involved


[Mention the full name of the sender]

[Mention the full name of the company of the sender]

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