Appraisal Letter For Electronic Technician

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Subject: Appraising your performance as an Electronics Technician

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

We have always considered you to be a valuable asset to [mention the name of the company or organization] ever since the last [mention the no. of years]. A diligent, capable and sincere man like you will be a delight for any company to work with.

We are aware that you have been working tirelessly, round the clock, and have contributed significantly to the growth and success of our company.

You’re analyzing, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills along with your excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills have always managed to impress not only us but our clients as well.

Your working approach has been praised by them on several occasions and we are happy with our decision to hire you on the very first day.

We recognize all the efforts that have led you to accomplish your day-to-day tasks with perfection and appreciate your attainments including providing assistance to engineers performing product failure analysis.

Performing as assigned, calibration and performance tests on a variety of equipment, performing repairs and troubleshooting electronic repairs, testing new systems adhering to quality control procedures, preparing test reports, and recommending system upgrades.

You have managed to win us over and over not just with your abilities, sense of responsibilities, and work ethic, but also with your thoughtfulness of helping your co-workers and other groups to the best of your abilities even when those duties are not assigned to you.

We would just like to give you one little piece of advice on improving your organizational skills a bit more before the yearly performance assessment, following which we believe, you will notice greater success coming your way.

Please keep up the excellent work!


[Mention the name of the sender]

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