Bursar Appraisal Letter Template

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Subject: Appraising your performance as a Bursar

Dear: [Mention the name of the addressee]

It is a pleasure to have you as a part of [mention the name of the institution] for the last [mention the no. of years]. We are extremely glad to work with an exceptionally talented, well-educated, sincere, and responsible person like you.

You have always given your best to the institution. We are very fortunate to work with you as we imagine what greater success your capabilities and skills will bring to us. Your undying optimism, resilience have been an inspiration to us.

Your strong computer and financial management skills, knowledge of accounting procedures and best practices, familiarity with budget preparation and cash flow management, ability to prioritize your work first and make quick decisions are unparalleled. We are indeed very fortunate to have you as a part of our institution.

We really appreciate all your achievements like ensuring that the processing of disbursements and refunds are in accordance with federal and state regulations and institutional policies and procedures, ensuring all the outstanding payments are collected within the mentioned time, serving as the lead.

In the creation or modification of business processes to ensure student tuition payments, institutional deposits, efficiently managing office supply orders for the campus, continuously reviewing internal controls, and established policies and procedures which mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

You always maintained an easy and cool environment in the office of the institution because of which we could attain success on countless occasions and which in turn led to the growth, development, and greater success of the institution.

We are looking forward to continuing working with you for a very long time as we wish you good luck for your future endeavors here.


[Mention the name of the sender]

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