Personal Secretary Appointment Letter Template

Applying this letter template, you will be mentioning the appointment of the particular candidate in the position of personal secretary. You will be informed about how he will be following you on a daily basis and assist you professionally.

You will be informing him how he will be first point of contact, receiving phone calls and scheduling appointments. You will be sharing the information about the joining date and name of the person who will be briefing the candidate further. 

Letter Template: 1

[Your Name]

[Your company]

[Your address]

Sub:-Appointment Letter for The Post of Personal Secretary

Dear [name of the applicant],

I am very pleased to inform [name of the person] that you have been selected for the post of personal secretary based on the interview you gave us earlier this week. You are authorized to go through my daily routine as well as my office schedule and will assist me with my daily business and personal tasks.

You will be authorized to act as the first point of contact for me and you will take over responsibilities such as dealing with phone calls, managing diaries, organizing meetings, scheduling appointments, booking travel tickets, arranging accommodation, and other travel-related necessities and will often have controlling access to the manager.

It’s your duty to come prepare with everything and you will start your job as a personal secretary from [ concerned date] effectively.

The requirements of the job will be briefed to you by [ name of the concerned person] and him/him contact details are [ email id/ mailing address/cell number of the concerned person]. You are expected to work with loyalty, honesty, dignity, and determination.

I hope, you will live up to our expectations when you work for me I hope you are as delighted as me to hear this good news and I am eagerly looking forward to working with you.

Best Wishes,

[Your name]

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