Ceo Appointment Letter Template

Applying this letter structure, you will be assigning the candidate in the position of CEO. You will be informing him how the presentation given by him has actually impressed the entire team. So, everyone is keen to work with the respective CEO.

You can advice him to share further about any issue to the management team.  You will be respectfully addressed him and share information about his joining. You can express your expectations for him. 

Letter Template: 1

[Your Name]

[Your Company]

[Your Address]

Subject:- Appointment as CEO

Dear [Name of Applicant]

I want to congratulate you on being appointed as the new CEO of our organization. I want to express that the organization head officials were quite impressed by the presentation that was given by you, sir/ma’am. The staff members of our organization are also looking forward to working under your guidance. The head officials of our organization were also quite impressed with every aspect of work that you proved can be managed very easily.

We are glad to inform you that as per your appointment you can join our organization this Monday itself. I would also like to tell you that your work is confirmed and for any other queries of yours you can direct our management team. 

I thought this letter would like to congratulate you and would like to welcome you as our new CEO. Your ideas and management capabilities could be a massive turn over factor for our organization. I, on behalf of the whole organization, would be indeed grateful for all the ideas and initiatives that you have provided in your presentation. 

I hope that you would go through this letter of ours and would join our organization as per the appointment. The whole staff members and all our head officials are eagerly waiting for you to join. Thanking you and hoping for all your co-operation. 

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender + Position)

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