Appointment Letter for Stock Controller


(Name of the correspondent)

(Address of the sender) 

(Name of the recipient)

 (Address of the recipient) 

(Mention date)

Dear Ma’am/ Sir,

Subject: Appointment letter for the position of stock controller

With reference to the discussion we had with you no (mention the date of interview), we are glad to inform you that, (mention the name of the organization) is appointing you as a stock controller, based upon your experience and skill sets. Wish you a long and successful journey working with us. This appointment will take effect from (mention the date of joining) but prior to that, in acceptance of your appointment, you have to send us a consent letter within (mention timeline) weeks of getting this letter.  

Your initial job location will be (mention the location of appointment); however, your service is transferrable after working for a certain period of time. Also, you can apply for your desired location at your convenience. You will receive an annual salary of (mention salary amount), which includes all the benefits and allowances. For further understandings, all the salary details and leave policy details have been attached to this letter. 

Being a stock controller you have to manage things like tracking shipments, ensure the company’s stock availability and also foresee supply and demand in accordance with market research, taking a strategic approach with the intention to avoid overstocking and running out of stock, maintain an accurate record of both stock items, while noting down the date of acquisitions and receipts, item count and details, issues encountered, and more.

We welcome you to our company and look forward to a fruitful contribution.

With best wishes. 

Yours sincerely,

(Mention name) 

(Signature of the sender) 

(Mention date)

 (Write designation in the Company)

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