Special Education Teacher Appointment letter templates

Letter Template: 1


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Subject – Appointment letter for Special education teacher

Dear [mention the relevant salutation],

This is to inform you that you are selected for the position of a Special education teacher at the Institute of [mention the full name of the institution]and you are required to join before [mention the relevant date].

You would be expected to manage all the academic programs that are being run by the institution at present, and also teach a particular subject of your expertise at the institute.

It goes without saying that all the students at the institute are of special needs and so you are required to show immense calm and composure while dealing with them.

It also is informed to you that, any rough or indecent behavior with such students will be met with strict disciplinary actions from the institute.

Further with regards to your pay, it has already been made clear to you that your payment would be [mention the relevant Dollars] Dollars and appraisals would be done on a quarterly basis.

If this job seems satisfactory to you, then do contact us along with your relevant identification documents so that we can proceed with your appointment process.

Yours Sincerely,

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[Mention the relevant date]

[Mention the designation of the sender]

an appointment letter for special education teacher

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