Restaurant Manager Appointment Letter: 4 Templates

Letter Template: 1

Restaurant Manager Appointment Letter


[Mention the name of the Recipient], 

[Mention the address], 

Sub: An Appointment Letter for the Role of Restaurant Manager

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient],

We are pleased to extend to you an offer of employment with [mention the name of the organization] as Restaurant Manager.

Your employment tenure starts from [Mention the date of joining] at [mention the time].

Your remuneration will be [Mention the compensation details] as discussed earlier.

You will be on probation for [Mention the period of probation]. After which you will give a letter of permanent employment;

You will have to prepare detailed daily/weekly/monthly reports of your activities and provide access to them to the Authorities when requested.

Your duties will include 

  • Coordinating daily restaurant operations;
  • Delivering superior service and maximizing customer satisfaction;
  • Responding accurately and efficiently to customer complaints;
  • Reviewing product quality daily and researching new vendors;
  • Organize and supervise shifts;
  • Estimating future needs for goods, cleaning products, and kitchen utensils;
  • Ensuring sanitation and safety regulations;
  • Manage the restaurant’s good image and suggest and implement ways to improve it;
  • Making daily detailed reports on revenues and expenses;
  • Promoting brand in the local community;
  • Recommending ways to reach a broader audience;
  • Training all employees on proper customer service;
  • Implementing policies and protocols;

The entire team of [Mention the name of the Organization] welcomes you.

Best Wishes.

Yours Sincerely

[Mention the sender’s name]

[Mention the Designation], 

[Mention the date]

an appointment letter for the role of restaurant manager

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Letter Template: 2

Restaurant Manager Appointment Letter

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State, ZIP]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Restaurant Name]
[Restaurant Address]
[City, State, ZIP]

Dear [Candidate’s Name],

Re: Appointment as Restaurant Manager

We are pleased to offer you the position of Restaurant Manager at [Restaurant Name]. After careful consideration of your qualifications, experience, and interview performance, we believe that you possess the skills and expertise necessary to excel in this role. We are confident that you will make a valuable addition to our team.

Your appointment will be effective from [Start Date]. As the Restaurant Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations, managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining high standards of service and quality.

Please find below the terms and conditions of your employment:

Position: Restaurant Manager
Start Date: [Start Date]
Compensation: Your starting salary will be [Salary Amount] per [hour/week/month/year]. Payment will be made on a [biweekly/monthly] basis through direct deposit to your designated bank account.

Working Hours: Your regular working hours will be [X] hours per week, and you may be required to work additional hours as needed.
Benefits: You will be entitled to [list any specific benefits such as health insurance, vacation leave, sick leave, etc.] as per our company policy.

Probationary Period: You will be on a probationary period of [X] months, during which your performance will be evaluated to determine your suitability for permanent employment.

Termination: Either party may terminate the employment by providing [X] weeks’ notice in writing or by paying salary in lieu of notice.
Confidentiality: You will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, agreeing not to disclose any proprietary or sensitive information of the restaurant to third parties during or after your employment.
Code of Conduct: You will be expected to adhere to our company’s code of conduct and policies at all times.

Other terms and conditions: Any other terms and conditions of employment will be outlined in the employee handbook, which you will receive upon your start date.
To accept this offer, please sign and return a copy of this letter by [Acceptance Date]. Additionally, please provide us with any necessary documentation, such as identification proof and employment authorization, as required by law.

We are excited to welcome you to our team and look forward to a mutually beneficial working relationship. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me at [Phone Number] or [Email Address].

Once again, congratulations on your appointment as Restaurant Manager. We are confident that you will contribute to the continued success of [Restaurant Name].

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]
[Your Position]
[Restaurant Name]

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