Non-Profit CFO Appointment Letter template

Letter Template: 1


[Mention the name of the Recipient], 

[Mention the address], 

Sub: An Appointment Letter For The Role Of CFO

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient],

The Board of Directors at [mention the name of the organization] offers you employment as CFO. Your employment tenure starts from [Mention the date of joining] at [mention the time].

Your remuneration will be [Mention the compensation details] as discussed earlier.

There will be one on probation for a period of [Mention the period of probation]. 

Taking up any employment or assignment is strictly prohibited. You will be responsible for data security and can be prosecuted for breach of regulations related to data security.

The following will include your responsibilities

  1. Perform regular risk management by analyzing the liabilities and investments of the organization.
  2. Analyze and decide on investment strategies.
  3. Control and evaluate the fundraising plans of the organization. 
  4. Monitor and Ensure appropriate cash flow in regards to the organization’s operations
  5. Supervise all finance personnel.
  6. Manage vendor relationships.
  7. Prepare forecasting reports.
  8. Ensure that the organization’s policies are in compliance with the law.
  9. Manage the teams of financial controllers and financial analysts in the organization.
  10. Drive the organization’s financial planning

in addition to the general duties.

Also, you will have to prepare detailed daily/weekly/monthly reports of your activities and provide access to them when requested.

The entire team of [Mention the name of the Organization] welcomes you.

Best Wishes.

Yours Sincerely

[Mention the sender’s name]

[Mention the Designation], 

[Mention the date]

an appointment letter for the role of non profit cfo

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