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An Appointment Letter For Employee In Navy

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Sub : Appointment Letter For Employee 

Dear [ Name of Applicant],

We [company name] feel immense pleasure and happiness to welcome you on board for the role of [name of position]. We are thrilled to have you onboard and look forward to joining us from the effective date [Date].

You are requested to go through the job profile on the Naval website before entering your position in Navy. This will give you an insight about the nature of duties pertaining to that entry. Entry into the naval duties is a matter of huge respect and responsibility, and we hope you abide by all rules and regulations and help us reach new heights with your skills and hard work. Upon your entry, you are requested to go through a brief training period and after gaining trust upon your training you will be handling duties independently.

The salary would be same as discussed during the interview. Your office timing would be from _____ to ______ as you are expected to provide -_______ hours per week.

On the date of the joining, please don’t forget to carry all the essential documents such as identity card issued to you during your interview. Your new identity card and security badge will be provided upon joining. Your dress will be provided to you on your joining and you are requested to be present in formal attire on the date of joining. 

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

Thank you. 

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