An Appointment Letter For Judicial Position

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Sub: Appointment Letter For Judicial Position

Dear [ Name of Applicant],

It gives me an immense pleasure to be writing you the letter of appointment for judicial position[name of position] on behalf of Judicial Nomination Commission. We are very positive on this decision of choosing you as a worthy recipient of this position and look forward to you joining us from the effective date [Date].

Your work in the field of law and justice, and your vast experience as a lawyer made it a clear choice for this position. You have exhibited excellent judicial temperament and apart from this your keen legal mind,and handling complicated legal issues is a great booster towards providing just and unbiased legal decisions.

All the details about your new job portfolio along with salary and additional benefits will be provided to you upon joining. You are expected to take your office from the effective date[date].

For getting along with your new position, the judicial commission will appoint you a secretary for a month, you can have more from [name of secretary].

On the date of joining you are required to be present with the important documents to carry forward the paper work. You are required to be present in the ideal lawyer attire that is white formal shirt and black formal pants.

Yours faithfully

(Name of the sender)

Thank you. 

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