Front End Developer Appointment Letter Template

You have been asked to issue an appointment letter for new recruitment for the post of Front End Developer. As the HR Manager, you should be introducing yourself in this letter. You should use a formal tone in this sort of letter.

If you are looking for guidance in writing this sort of letter then you have come to the right place. Here you shall find all the formats that are necessary for this letter. Happy writing to you!!

Letter Template: 1

(Name of the sender)

(Address of the sender) 

(Name of the recipient)
(Address of the recipient)


Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Appointment letter for the position of front-end developer.

Regarding your application and the subsequent interviews you have had with us, we are pleased to confirm you that u have been selected to work as a Front-end developer for our company (mention name of company) with effect from (mention date).

This appointment is based upon a (mention extent of contract) renewable contract with a monthly remuneration of (mention amount of salary)

As already decided upon in the interview, you will be in charge of web page creation that interacts with the clients directly, converting the data into GUI(graphic user interface), optimization of structure & design of web pages for maximum efficiency, building reusable codes for future and maintenance of brand consistency throughout the design.

There is an associated letter where you can mention your job preferences. There are three copies of the acceptance letter. If you are interested in this offer, kindly sign and attach all the copies and return two of them to the HR desk within (mention date). Keep one copy of the letter with you for any future reference.

Please, express your intent regarding the offer as soon as possible. As a front-end developer your probation period will begin on (mention date).

You have to serve the company for at least (mention the period), according to the rules and regulations of the company. Based on your contract, your service can be called off during probation with (mention period) of prior notice.

You are kindly requested to confirm your agreement to the above terms and conditions by signing and returning the duplicate of this letter to the HR department within (mention time pan). For any further questions contact our HR department, we will be obliged to help you.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


(Handwritten Signature of the sender) 


(Designation in the Company)

 front end developer appointment letter

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