An Appointment Letter For Fashion Designer

Date :

Subject: Appointment letter for fashion designer

Dear [Applicant],

It is a matter of immense pleasure for us to offer you the position of Fashion Designed in our company [Company Name] based on your combined performance through all the stages of the selection process and we are sure to expect the same performance and attitude in your tenure with us in future. The HR team approved your application yesterday. The can exercise your appointment from [1st April 2019].

You would be not probation for [number of months] months during which you will not be entitled to any leave. Once the probation period is over, your work hour at office will be from [9 am] to [5pm] during the week days. [name of day] is an off-day for you. As a fashion designer we would expect you to be target oriented and concentrate to fulfill your set of target on a consistent basis. Your month stipend would be [amount] which doesn’t t include your gross incentives and it will be directly transferred to your bank account (provided by you) on the last day of the month. 

Your performance review will be done quarterly and your salary review shall also be carried out simultaneously. You shall receive the brochure which holds all the codes and conducts of the company shortly. We are confident on the abilities you possess. Wishing you best of luck for your new journey with us.

Yours faithfully


(Name of Officer)


(Company Name)


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