Employee Appointment Letter Template

You can greet the candidate by informing them about his appointment in the organization for a specific post. You can highlight on what all expectations the company has set for the candidate.

You can highlight when he would be joining the company and using his enthusiasm and skills to fulfill the tasks. This is how he can gain the confidence of the members of the organization. You can also share about the salary package and the benefits. 

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Address of the recipient],


 Sub: Appointment letter

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are very excited to inform you that you have been appointed as a member of our organisation   (mention the name of the organisation).You designation will be (mention the post).

We hope you will prove yourself to be a very cooperative and efficient worker for our organization. We hope that your experience and hard work will help us feel content all the time.

We will feel more enthusiasm to work in any difficult situation. We hope your skills and experience in this field will be very beneficial for our members and our clients as well. The first day of your work will be (mention starting date). We hope our members will enjoy your hard work, friendly behavior, and good nature. Your monthly wages for this job will be (mention the amount).

You will get other bonuses, incentives, and other medical facilities from the date (mention the time). You have to report to our head of the department of (mention the department) on (mention date), at the time of (mention time). We hope we will be able to give our clients good service with the help of your ability and skill.

We are very happy to offer you this letter for the appointment of the above-mentioned job of (mention the details). Hope you will accept this letter and will be very happy to work with us.

We are eagerly waiting to work with you.

   Thank you very much,


    [Name of the sender],

     [Designation of the sender],

    [Organisation name]

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