An Appointment Letter For Director

Name of the Independent Director Date:


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Sub: Appointment as an Independent Director of ABC Insurance Company Limited

This letter is being issued to you, to fulfill the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013; we are pleased to issue this formal appointment letter to you.

We are pleased to inform you that at the Board meeting held on <<Board Meeting Date>>, Board of Directors of the Company have approved your appointment as an Independent Director of the Company to hold office till the date of the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company.

We are happy to announce that you are free to join our company from _____ and you will be guided for the further tour. Also, a member of our team will assist you with all the necessary steps that need to taken regarding the project. 

This letter will set out the terms of your appointment and your roles, as an Independent Director on the Board of Company. We are also appointing you to take all the necessary responsibility of the team that will further work on this project. The board will held you responsible for any mischief on the set.

Kindly return the matching copy of this letter, and the terms of appointment enclosed herewith, duly signed by you in confirmation.

Thanking you,

For ABC Insurance Co. Ltd.,

Chief Executive Officer& MD Agreed and accepted

<<Name of Independent Director>> DIN:

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