Database Administrator Appointment Letter Template


[Mention Candidate’s name], 

[Mention the address], 

[Mention the Contact details]

Sub: An Appointment Letter For The Role Of Database Administrator.

Dear [Mention Candidate’s name],

We [mention the name of the organization] are happy to offer you the post of Database Administrator.

Your date of joining will be [Mention the date of joining]. Your remuneration will be [Mention the remuneration details] as discussed during the interview. Your working hours will be [Mention the working hours]. Your week off will be on [mention the day or days of week off]. 

You will be on Probation for a period of [Mention the period of probation].

Your duties will involve creating database designs; decide on validation checks on data; ensure data integrity; decide and implement data recovery and  data backup methods; decide on the contents of the database; ensure query processing performance of the database, oversee and implement database performance tuning activities; analyze and resolve issues related to database capacity and database accessibility; monitor performance of every database;  provide help and support to user and decide on hardware devices required from time to time.

Read this appointment letter carefully, sign with date & return the duplicate copy of this letter to us as a token of your acceptance of the appointment. 

We welcome you to the organization [Mention the name of the Organization] and look forward to a long and fruitful association.

Yours Sincerely,

[Mention the sender’s name]

[Mention the Designation],  

[Mention the department’s name]

[Mention the contact information]

[Mention the Date]

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