Corporate Attorney Appointment letter Template

If anyone has been selected as a corporate attorney of your company or organization and you have the responsibility to inform him on behalf of your company, you can take help from our below appointment letters.

Here we have included some sample letters regarding an appointment letter for a corporate attorney. While writing this letter, you can use some specific points that can easily express the message. Here, you must include his joining date and time, job location, etc. 

Letter Template: 1


(Mention name of the recipient)

(Mention address of the recipient)

(Mention the Date)

Subject: Appointment letter for the Corporate Attorney

Dear applicant, (mention the name)

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been appointed as a Corporate Attorney in our company (mention the company). Your timing will be (mention the time) and your joining is from this month (mention the date).  

Here, you have to create an approach for legal matters, guard against legal risk, prepare legal reports, represent the company, advise all the corporate officers, coordinate all business transactions, prepare future strategies, etc.

Lastly would also like to inform you that we have attached a document here, so please go through it nicely and bring it signed and Xeroxed on your joining date as mentioned above for a smooth process.

Your salary here will be (mention the salary) on the date of (mention the date) per month, and you will receive the payslip in your email. You will get many other benefits (mention health insurance, transportation, and many more).

The HR will contact you soon for the details. In the meantime, if you have any queries, you can call us at the number (mention the number) or send us an email at (mention the email id). So congratulations to you once again. 

We all welcome you to the company and look forward to working with you soon.

Yours sincerely,

(Mention the Name)

(Handwritten Signature of the sender)

 (Mention the current Date)

(Mention your designation in the Company)

corporate attorney appointment

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