An Appointment Letter For Business Meeting

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Subject: Appointment Letter For Business Meeting

Dear ABC,

As per our discussions, I am writing this letter to seek an appointment with you at a convenient time, so that we could personally meet and discuss the business proposal. I am sure after the meeting; you will be impressed by the proposition, and willing to establish a long term alliance with my company.

Many reputed organizations have benefited from the consultancy services of our organization. We provide consultancy services for a comprehensive list of businesses, and their various needs ranging from market survey, financial consultations, workforce outsourcing and all activities concerned with end to end daily operations. We have a negotiable contract available with varying periods. So please contact us as soon as possible.

For any further clarification, you can contact me. I would be glad to share the information. Alternatively, you can also visit our website for more details on our list of services offered. You can also contact our HR department for any further query. We will be glad to solve your issue from our end. 

I am sure; if we meet in person, we can certainly carve out a way to address mutual requirements in a beneficial way and grow together. Looking forward to an affirmative reply and meeting you at the earliest.



Business Head
XYZ Consultants

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