Appointment Announcement Letter Template

This letter template is for announcing a new member’s appointment to the organization. It informs the current employee about the newly appointed member.

This letter template will provide a sense of satisfaction and encouragement to the newly appointed member. You’ll be able to express how pleased you are to have him/her on board.

In this letter, you should include the pay, position, time and date of hire, and any other relevant information. This letter will allow you to communicate your company’s policies. You must encourage and motivate them in order for them to succeed.

Letter Template: 1

Appointment Announcement Letter

Dear [Name of the recipient],

After reviewing your profile, I am pleased to announce that you are appointed as a [Mention the job position] in our company [Mention name of the company]. Now you will become a part of us.

Your role will begin on [Mention the date from which the job started]. You will report every weekday to our company [Mention the company name, address of the company, and time duration]. Your work is to [Mention the responsibilities and duties regarding this position]. You will report to [Mention the details about the manager or director].

The salary for this position will be [Mention the amount of money]. This amount will be paid by direct deposit to your account or by check.

The agreement between our company and you are [Mention the details about the agreement and limitations of the bond]. If you choose to accept this role, please sign the enclosed agreement form and submit it to my office by [Mention date and time].

For more information about this role, you can contact me via email [Mention your mail address].


[Mention your name]

[Mention your designation]

[Mention your contact details]

[Your signature]

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