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Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service – 5 Samples

It is very much possible that while providing services to the customers you are not able to assist them properly and they get angry because of that. In that case, it is the responsibility of the organization or the customer care representative to write an apology letter for the same and gain the trust back of the client.

These apology letters need to be written formally and it should be focusing on the customer more and how important are they to you. This letter should majorly convey your apology with a solution to the problem that they registered.

Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service

Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service Sample 1

Hello Sir

This is John from the office of ICICI bank and we regret the inconvenience caused to you in the last few weeks due to the unavailability of your designated relationship manager. We wholeheartedly apologize for the same want to make sure that nothing of this sort happens in the future and hence we are assigning a deputy relationship manager to you who will be assisting you in absence of the main RM.

Currently due to the on-going protest against the reforms that the government has brought, half of our employees are protesting against it as it will adversely affect our working hours and we will not be able to do so. Hence ur bank with the union has stood in it the protest. We want to request our customers to keep patience and help us overcome this very tough situation for us.

We are glad that we have a customer base who has stood by our side and understood the problems and gave us an opportunity to serve them in the past and we expect the same support in the future. Kindly contact us for any further issues, we would be happy to help you.

Customer care team



Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service Sample 2

Respected Customer,

First of all, thank you for reaching us out through twitter. We are really sorry that you had to face issues with our mobile application. As you must be aware that we are currently working in our application, there was an attempt to hack the application in the last week and since then the development and information security team are working on the application and numerous patches to defeat data breach has been applied every now and then. 

Though I completely understand that this has caused you inconvenience and we would like to help you on a very personal level and hence one of our customer care executives will reach out to you on your personal contact number. Kindly brief them about the requirements that you have so that we solve the issue at the earliest.

We are very sorry and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Kindly bear with us for the next two days and we promise that nothing of this sort will be repeated.

Thank you for being a loyal customer. Wishing to hear your request on call.


Customer care executive


Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service Sample 3

Hello Sir,

Thank you for reaching us out through our call center.

As you must be aware that the calls are recorded for the purpose of training and quality purposes we came across your case where the issue was not resolved even after the call been online for more than 15 minutes. We have noted that the executive assigned to you didn’t give you a satisfactory reply and hence you had to hang upon him.

Though all of the executives are well trained and g through a rigorous process of training, this has occurred and hence we would like to extend an opportunity to you for getting the issue resolved through one of our experienced teammates. 

We have taken note of the person who was previously handling your case and we will make sure that he learns how to tackle such situations so that in future things lie this doesn’t happen. Till then we are sending you two coupons of Starbucks from ur side, kindly accept them stay a loyal customer for us.

Looking forward to assisting you better in the future. 

Apologies& Regards

Team Customer care


Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service Sample 4

Hello Sir,

This is the customer care team of Vodafone!

We came across your multiple issues registered in our grievance section regarding the network issue in your area. Though our aim is to provide the best network, we understand that there might be some patches in the city where we are still not able to reach. We are continuously in action and we aim to reach the whole city and nation by the end of the year.

This issue of your will be resolved in next one week, we would just request you to please send us the locality where you are facing this issue so that we send a team of technicians there to test the network as soon as possible.

We as a network provider understand the importance of network and are always striving for the best results. Kindly give us an opportunity to serve you better.

Again, looking forward to your address so that we reach to the locality as soon as possible.



Customer care executive



Apology Letter to Customer for Poor Service Sample 5

Hello Samuel,

Thank you for reaching to our customer care team of XYZ food delivery.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused by the food that was delivered to you last night. As per our records you have complained about incomplete order. You had ordered two sandwiches and one cold coffee and have received only one sandwich and coffee.

We understand that your requirements were not fulfilled and hence we would like to assure you that we are looking into the matter and whose mistake was it. Till then we would like to credit your wallet with $20. You can order anything in that from any place in the city or if you want the sandwich which you ordered last night, we can repay it by ordering the same for you now.

We assure you that things like this will not be repeated and we would serve you in the best possible way. Kindly accept our token of apology. Looking forward to serving you with the best food from across the city.


Team XYZ


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