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Apology for the Inconvenience Caused – 7 Sample Formats

When you are aware that you have caused inconvenience to someone , you must show concern about it and apologize for your act which bothered them.

The letter should be extremely polite in nature and also you must not forget that you mention that it’s not your nature to cause inconvenience and it happened in a flow or unconsciously. Reach out to them as soon as possible for you and say sorry.

This will help maintain a good relationship.

Best Apologies for the Inconvenience caused

Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 1

Dear [Customer Name], 

I’m sorry to such an extent that I gave you an invalid answer for your product glitch. I assume full liability for my activities and profoundly lament the burden that it more likely than not caused you. 

I misconstrued the issue you were having when we were talking on the telephone, and that is the reason I wound up giving you an answer that was off base. That is no reason, and I apologize for my unguided activities. Later on, I will make certain to pose a few inquiries of my clients to completely comprehend the circumstance before offering an answer. 

I trust you can pardon me and that we can keep on cooperating on the off chance that you have any more help needs. 

Inform me as to whether you have any inquiries, remarks, or concerns. 


[Your name] 


Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 2

To our important [Company Name] clients, 

We heartily apologize for the inconvenience that is caused due to the response from our side and we take full responsibility for the issues it caused in your working pipeline. We would like to get on a call with you to solve whatever we can at this very moment.

We recognize what it feels like to be sitting tight for a goal to an issue, and we’re sorry we placed you in that circumstance. We are fortunate to have you as [Company] clients and at the beginning of today, we didn’t satisfy our finish of the relationship. 

To help improve it, we are doing a full examination on this issue, the main driver, the effect, and how to keep this from happening once more. Much thanks to you for your understanding with us as we delve in and return to helping you develop with Product. 


[Executive Name] 


Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 3

Dear [Customer Name], 

For the benefit of [Company Name], I need to broaden our expressions of remorse for your involvement in the contractor name. 

At [Company Name], our central goal is to [Company’s Mission], yet right now, neglected to convey that experience. Since Contractor Name is under my watch, I need to very seriously apologize for this mix-up. Employee and Contractor Name has been told of your criticism, and we are taking steps  to determine the issue or censure the employee. 

Much obliged to you again for drawing this out into the open, and I genuinely value your understanding with us as we work to determine this issue. I’m sure your next involvement in our representatives will be up to the elevated requirement that you’ve generally expected from [Company Name]. 


[Executive Name] 


Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 4

Dear {Name}, 

I am writing to apologize for the burden you endured at our store. We lament that our own misinformation brought about your having to return on various occasions. We are inspecting our inward strategies to guarantee this doesn’t occur once more, to you or some other {customer/client}. 

We would like to  offer compensation as a token of our lament for the burden. If it’s not too much trouble contact me at {contact information}. 




Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 5

Dear [Recipients Name], 

I am writing to apologize for the bother I may have caused you last Thursday. 

If it’s not too much trouble, realize that I would not have approached you for help in the event that I had any other person to go to around then. 

I thank you for the time which you have spent for me, and I anticipate compensating you some way or another for that. I anticipate seeing you at that point. In the event that you have to visit me before that, if it’s not too much trouble let me know precisely when you might want to plan your arrangement. 

Much thanks to you for your understanding. Should you have any worries, it would be ideal if you get in touch with me. 


[Sender’s Name] 

[Sender’s Title] – Optional- 


Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 6

Dear {Recipient’s Name}, 

It would be ideal if you acknowledge my earnest statement of regret for sending incorrect reports to the customer. I comprehend this has made a great deal of burden on the customer and our organization. 

I can’t safeguard my activities, however I need to reveal to you that I am taking care of four ventures all the while. I got confused and erroneously sent inappropriate reports. I am genuinely upset for such a lousy misstep. 

I need you to realize that I have just apologized to the customer and sent the right reports. I have additionally orchestrated a gathering with the customer to wipe out any opportunity of miscommunication about our reports. 

I Mercifully propose if some other healing advance ought to be taken from our end. I comprehend your failure, and I am genuinely grieved. I can guarantee you that this misstep will never be rehashed ever. 

Yours Sincerely, 

{Your Name} 


Apology for the Inconvenience Caused Sample 7

Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name}, 

I need to apologize for missing our arrangement on Saturday. It was extremely amateurish on my part to not illuminate you on schedule. I might want you to realize that I was up to speed in a crisis circumstance with another patient. 

I realize how bustling you are, and missing an arrangement would require a great deal of anticipating your part. I thoroughly regard your time. I need to guarantee you it won’t occur once more. I as a rule ensure my patients are educated in the event that I can’t make an arrangement. I lament that I was unable to let you know this early. I am heartbroken on the off chance that I raised you any ruckus. 

If it’s not too much trouble let me know whether I can do whatever else to support you. You have your next arrangement on coming Thursday. 

Yours Sincerely, 

{Your Name}


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