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Rescheduling Apology Letter Template

Are you finding some sample letters to apologize for rescheduling? Then now you are in right place to complete your letter. We have already covered some sample letters regarding this topic. Here it’s important to mention a proper format while writing this letter.

We have discussed all important points in a proper format. Here you must have to mention the reason for rescheduling. Now your duty is to just follow our below letters and complete your letter properly.

Template: 1

[Name of the sender]

[Designation of the respective person]


[Name of addressee]

Subject: Letter to Apologize for Rescheduling

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to inform you that I [mention your name] the [mention your designation in the company] from [mention the name of the company or the organization] would like to apologize to [mention the name of the person to whom you are apologizing] from [mention the name of the company or the organization of the person to whom you are apologizing] because of the cancellation of our decided meeting.

Due to some reason, we are rescheduling this event [mention date and time] as we are not to conduct it on the decided date and time. We apologize to inform you of this on short notice.

We would like to apologize for rescheduling the event and for the inconvenience that you have faced. We will take care of it in the future and will try not to repeat it again. Kindly, look into the matter and understand our situation.

The new scheduled date has been enclosed with this letter please find the attachment for your reference. We hope you will support our inconvenience.

 For further queries, you can reach our management department at [mention phone number] or directly through an email [mention email address].

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

[Name of the sender]

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