Promotion Announcement Letter Template

Using this letter structure, you can announce the promotion of the deserving candidate to the new level. You can declare the new position acquired by the candidate. You can highlight what all qualities of the candidate had prompted the management for the promotion.

There is a need to inform them about his new duties and responsibilities. You can also inform about the expectations set by the company for the candidate once he resumes his duty in a new post. 

Letter Template: 1

Dear All,

I am excited to announce the promotion of [Mention name of the employee] from [Mention Previous Position] to [Mention new position]. [Mention name of the employee] has been with [Mention the name of the company] for more than [Mention the working years of the employee] and has contributed greatly to his role as [Mention the previous position of the employee] by developing new business opportunities for [Mention name of the company].

[Mention name of the employee] has more than [Mention the year of experience of the employee for the new position in which he/she is promoted] evidence by his/her ability to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

We have no doubt he/she will continue to brilliantly represent our company [Mention name of the company] and shine as [Mention the new position of the employee].

[Mention name of the employee] will oversee the [Mention the previous position team of the employee] and all [Mention name of the company] [Mention about the previous position] initiatives going forward.

Congratulations on your new success, [Mention the name of the employee]! Wish you good luck in your future.


[Mention Your Name]

[Mention your designation]

[Your Signature]

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