Employee Leaving Announcement Letter Template

Since an employee will be leaving the company, you will be informed about it to the rest of the employees and seniors of the company. You can inform them about the details of his new job. You can provide details about the contribution that the employee had made to this company.

You can reveal regret on the behalf of the company for losing a candidate like an employee who is leaving on a specific date and announcing a farewell party for him.

Letter Template: 1

Dear all,

It is with deep regret that I am announcing that [Mention name of the employee] will be leaving his/her post as [Mention the position of the employee] on [Mention the date when he/she will leave the office].

[Mention name of the employee] offered another position in [Mention the company and address of the company] as [Mention details about a new position in the new company] and has chosen to move there.

His/her work and contribution to our company are greatly honored. We respect his/her decision and wish him/her all the best for future endeavors. We will miss his/her charm, empathy, strength, and professionalism.

On behalf of everyone at our company [Mention the company name], please let us all [Mention name of the employee] wish good luck for the future. And bid him/her a pleasant farewell. We are organizing a small party for [Mention name of the employee] on [Mention Date, place and time], please join us. You may give your thanks and wishes to our valuable co-worker [Mention name of the employee] at the party.


[Mention your name]

[Mention your designation]

[Mention your contact details]

[Your signature]

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