100+ Funny Airplane Puns and Jokes

Airplanes are very important for people who need to travel across the world in a jiffy. They have indeed reduced travel times drastically and have indeed made the world a smaller place. Wordplay related to airplanes is always enjoyable irrespective of how frequently you fly.

Airplane Puns

  • Why did no one appreciate the puns about airplanes? Because it did not take off.
  • Why did everyone panic when I saw my friend Jack on an airplane and said “Hi!” to him? Because I shouted, “Hi! Jack.”
  • What did the pilot say when the plane he was flying crashed with a group of birds in the sky? He shouted, “What the flock!”
  • What does a person being served lunch on a plane think while the food is being brought to him? “I hope for the breast but am prepared for the wurst.”
  • Why did the man with depression pay extra along with his plane fare? Because he was charged for his emotional baggage that he would bring with him into the aircraft.
Airplane Puns
  • What would you call a cross between a plane and a snake? A Boeing constrictor.
  • Why did the pilot say that he did not do drugs while he was flying an aircraft? Because he was asked how high he would get.
  • What happened when the pilot who was undergoing a flying test flew through the middle of a rainbow? He passed with flying colours.
  • Why was the pilot lucky in terms of the employment opportunities he got? Because he landed a job each time he dropped in an application.
  • Why is the experience of travelling on a flying carpet not very good? Because it tends to get rugged.
  • I have always suffered from acrophobia throughout my life but it reached new heights when I travelled by an airplane.
  • Why was the industry of aviation flourishing? Because businesses in that sector were taking off very fast.
  • Why did the company making aircrafts grow very big? Because its sales had reached new heights.
  • What would you call someone who works as a pilot and lives his life on the edge? Han YOLO.
  • What would you call a cross between an airplane and a magician? A flying sorcerer.
  • What would you call an aeroplane that will crash for sure? An error-plane.
  • What happened to the pilot who started making up stories about his flying endeavors? He went into a tale spin.
  • What do you realise when you wear a watch on an airplane? That time flies.
  • What does the guard at the English airport do to vagabonds roaming the premises? Heathrows them out.
  • Why did the boy with a quick temper fail to qualify as a pilot? Because he had an altitude problem.
Airplane Puns
  • Why was everyone in his family surprised when he decided to be a skydiver? Because he took that decision out of the blue.
  • What happened soon after the airplane was invented? Things started to look up.
  • How did the astronaut describe his journey in the aircraft? He said that it was out of this world.

Airplane Jokes

  • What happened when the airplane hit turbulence? Everyone was sent flying.
  • Where do pilots of most airlines make friends? At high places.
  • Why did the man let go of his dream of becoming a pilot? Because he realized that the career was way over his head.
  • Why was the pilot having a smooth time navigating his plane? Because it had entered into the lumberyard.
  • Why are aliens and extra-terrestrial beings so loved? Because they are spatial.
  • What do you call an aircraft which does not have any branding? Plane and simple.
  • Why was the shopping enthusiast disappointed after buying and airplane? Because he was not allowed to keep the hangars.
  • Where does a person who climbs mountains keep his airplanes? In the cliff-hanger.
  • What does a football player after he gets on the flight? He says, “Get me a coach.”
Airplane Puns

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