6 Best Generic Job Application Templates

Application 6 Best Generic Job Application Templates

6 Best Generic Job Application Templates

Job applications are usually very formal in nature and it consists of the details of the position which you are interested in. The application is directly written to the HR of the company or someone who is going to refer you for the post.

You must specify your qualifications clearly and why do you think you are fit for the role. It is very important to write an email that doesn’t directly go to trash or spam because of a hundred identical emails are sent to them daily.

How to write a good job application email-

  • Make sure you personalize your email
  • You should send the email  along with correct attachments
  • Mention the achievements that make you fit for the role 
  • Use the correct email subject, not a very generic one.
  • You must mention that you look forward to having a conversation with them.
  • Dont forget to mention references and your LinkedIn account.

Sample 1

Hello “full Name”

Greetings for the day!

I am an “Applicant name”, qualified “Degree name” from “College name”. I have experience of 11 years and have worked for 2 companies in this duration and yours is one of the dream companies that I have always thought of. I dont think there will be anyone in the domain who doesnt know about the exciting projects that the organization is working on and it makes me extremely happy that you have an opening that matches my profile.

One of the major achievements which makes me feel that I will be a good fit for the role is that I have been leading a team for last 3 years and possess good leadership skills. I have been brushing up my technical skills for 2 years now and I am well versed with artificial intelligence and have patented 2 algorithms on my name as well.

I hope you find my profile suitable and I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


Full Name

Email Id, Phone No

Linked In 


Sample 2

Hello “Name of the hiring manager”

This is email is in regard to the recruitment notification which you have published in New York  Daily. I believe that my qualifications match with the profile that you have posted.

I am a professional with 4 years of experience in the field of  “field name”. I have my professional degree with excellent CPA from “Institue name “. I have been a member of the “ Psychologist society of US” and also a very active participant on online forums for spreading awareness about Mental health.

I am attaching my updated resume and cover letter for your reference.


“Full Name” 

LinkedIn Profile 


Sample 3

Respected “Full Name”,

Greeting for the day!

This email is in regard to the job opening in your marketing team. 

 I am “Full Name”, currently working in “Company name “ on the “Post name” for the past 5 years. I feel this is the time that I should take one more step towards the dream job that I have always thought. I have been leading campaigns for many local and global brands and my specialization is working on marketing campaigns that are launched online. 

I have always enjoyed your campaign and the products that you endorse and hence I feel that the role that you have right now will be a good switch for me professionally where I will get to learn even more and will be able to reach out to more population in different time domains. Kindly find my resume and CV in the attachment. I will be looking forward to your reply. 


“Full Name”

Email ID

LinkedIn ID


Sample 4

Hello “Name of HR”

Hope you are doing good!

It was just an hour back that I came across an opening of your firm for my profile. I am really glad to know that you are looking for someone with the skills that I possess which are “Skill 1”, “Skill 2” etc. I have been in this profession for the last 6 years and have been promoted recently as a Manager in my current organization.

You will be glad to know that currently the territory that I am handling is the one where you are planning to open your new branch and hence I think I will fit in the role and will be able to help you grow your business. I have been working with a team here and have been able to deliver projects on a deadline. Though I can assure that I will be able to keep up the pace and quality of work even if I have to work alone. 

Kindly find my updated CV and cover letter, these will help you in assessing my technical skills and my education track record. Looking forward to hearing from you soon or I will available on “Contact No” if you would like to get in touch for a conversation.



Sample 5

Respected “Hiring Manager” 

It makes me extremely excited to see that you have started recruiting for the new branch that you are opening in the Asia Pacific region.
First of all, I would like to congratulate the organization on this new milestone.

I am currently employed in a start-up for the past 4 years and we have grown from 4 members to 30 people today and now I feel that I should take some decisions which will help me reach the personal goals that I have planned for myself in my career. I have completed my degree in “Subject name” from “Institute name “.

I have been working continuously and haven’t taken any break in my career though I now do wish to progress further and experiment with my capabilities and want to push myself for further new things.

I have recently also completed my certification in “new skill” and now looking forward to applying my knowledge in new business. You can have a look at my technical skills in my cover letter and I am also mentioning my references so that you can get in touch with them to know more about me. 


Full Name

Email / LinkedIn


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