25th marriage anniversary wish to granddaughter

Dear [name],

My heartiest congratulations to you as you have completed 25 years together victoriously. 

I am sending you so many blessings on this propitious day. Celebrate your astonishing milestones together. My love and blessings will always be with you. 

I am lucky to have a granddaughter like you in my life. You  two make  the perfect pair. Today your grandfather and I wish you gaiety for the rest of your life. You will always love each other as you do now. You two will remember this day well and find more reasons to love each other. Always shine like a big star. 

You should be like this. An anniversary is a time to relax and look back at the time you  spent together. Much warmth from two of us. It is a complete pleasure to witness your adorable love story. Your pair is like made in heaven. Congratulations to the amazingly beautiful couple for including you two into my life. Child you make me proud every day to be such a modest wife. I wish you two for a long and healthy life.

My beloved granddaughter I can see my child becoming a great person after your  other half come into your life. Enjoy this special day to the fullest together. On this day you two became one and gave us joviality. I am suggesting you to relish all the good memories on this auspicious moment. May all your worries and difficulties go away. 

Yours Loving,

[sender name]

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